Pack Properly

Packaging is science and art at the same time. A perfectly packaged box ensures that you protect your belongings, save space and make it easy to ship everything.

Here are some packing rules to help you:

Use small boxes for heavy items. Books, pots and pans are placed in smaller boxes to make them easier to lift.

Use large boxes for light items. Lighter or smaller items such as sheets and towels fit perfectly in large boxes.

Put heavy items on the bottom. If you are combining lighter and heavier items, always put the heavier items in the bottom of the box.

Leave no empty space in the boxes. This may cause drawers to move or fall. Fill holes with wrapping paper, towels, etc.

Tape the boxes securely. Be sure to use tape on the bottom and top of your boxes, then wrap around the edges a couple of times.

Buy special boxes for a number of items such as TVs, antique paintings, glassware. They will better protect your belongings and make sure they get safely to your new home.