Get the right packaging materials

Having all the necessary materials for packing your things when moving will save you from having to save on scotch tape when it runs out, or get distracted and run to the store for supplies when the process is nearing the long-awaited completion.

Here are a few things you definitely need to have on hand:

Regardless of the total volume of things, you will definitely need cardboard boxes for packing small, medium and large. Ask people you know if they have any unwanted boxes they want to get rid of, or buy them from local movers, at a hardware store.

Packing tape. Make sure you buy quality tape so that your boxes hold up and don’t open during the move.

The bubble wrap will help protect fragile items.

Plastic bags. Collect small objects or children’s toys in them.

Felt pens or thick markers. Permanent markers are essential for marking your boxes when moving.

Match colored labels to your boxes for more order.

Mobile blankets help protect furniture from scratches and dents while in the van. You can buy them yourself or rent them from a transport company.

Stretch film. You will be surprised how much she will help you out during the move.

Mattress cover. Don’t let the mattress collect dust when moving. Protect it with a mattress cover so that you can sleep peacefully on the first night in a new place, and not do cleaning.

Rope is needed for tying large items.

Utility knife. A box cutter or clerical knife will allow you to easily handle sealed boxes.

Furniture cart. If you need to move chests of drawers or heavy drawers, a furniture trolley will do the job without straining your back.

Once you estimate how much packing material you will need, add another 25% to the total. There is never enough packing materials, they can always come in handy in a new place even after moving.