How to Prepare for a Pet Move

To spend less nerves and keep your pets safe from accidental injury, it’s best to send them along with the kids to grandparents while you move things to your new apartment.

Unfortunately, not everyone has this opportunity, so we have prepared for you a few rules on how to prepare animals for moving to another apartment:

Pets, just like their owners, are very worried and worried during the move to a new apartment. Therefore, in no case should you scold them for their excessive curiosity about things prepared for the road. And, of course, don’t forget to feed.

Cats are very fond of playing with boxes, especially sitting in them, so allocate one for her, and leave her favorite toy for the dog so that the pet does not distract you and does not get in your way while you prepare things for moving to a new apartment.

Rodents don’t need a special travel box, their own cage is fine. If moving to another apartment fell on the hot season, put it in a cool place, but in case of cold weather, be sure to insulate it.

african american couple with labrador dog moving to new home

The birdcage must be wrapped with cardboard and a warm blanket on top so that the bird is not blown away.

A small instruction for transporting an aquarium and its contents to a new apartment. Pour the water into a bucket with a lid through which air can enter, then move the fish there. We shift the plants into a separate container, add a little aquarium water. Pebbles and sand are laid out in bags. The empty tank is washed, dried and carefully packed so as not to be damaged during transportation.

If there is a need for veterinary care, contact the clinic 10-14 days before the move, then there will be no time for that.

Take your dog for a walk so that she does not get nervous and does not beg on her way to another apartment. Pets of the canine and feline families are not recommended to be fed before the road itself. To make it easier for them to move in case of hot weather, stock up on sponges dipped in water.

Never transport rigid carriers with cats and small dogs in the vehicle section with the rest of the load. On your lap, they will be best: calm and safe.