How to choose a moving company

To significantly save your energy and time resources, you can use the services of a moving company. The name comes from the English word moving, which means “moving”. In addition to direct transportation, such companies pack things, disassemble and assemble furniture. These are professionals who know exactly how to quickly prepare for moving to another apartment.

Not all companies are equally good, here are some signs of their good faith:


Registered trademark. A very small percentage of all companies undergo official registration, as this process is very long (about twelve months) and quite expensive. To verify the legality of quality marks, you can make a request to the company for the availability of the relevant certificate or request it from Rospatent, but you will have to wait almost a whole month for a response.

On the company’s page in social networks, other customers constantly leave their reviews (you can even chat with one of them, ask how exactly a particular company helped prepare for moving to a new apartment), the content is updated. The page, as they say now, is “live”.

It happens that a company orders good reviews. If you find too many frankly wonderful responses, beware. In this dishonest way, a bad carrier can earn a good reputation for himself.

Too low price of services in comparison with other companies should confuse. A responsible, organized and high-quality company knows its worth. As you know: free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Be careful not to regret anything later.

Another way to make sure of the quality is to check the company for the fulfillment of government orders. Officials definitely use only good services.

A sign of professionalism is the presence of an office where you can conclude an agreement. This will additionally protect you from unscrupulous performers who can take orders by phone right in their apartment.

If there are few employees in the company, the same ones perform several different functions, then such an organization is most likely inexperienced. And why do we need to contact amateurs at such a crucial moment?

The final price of the move is affected by the absence or availability of the company’s own packaging materials. In the absence of these, the acquisition from competitors will necessarily be included in the final cost.